Wood vs. Cardboard

Cardboard Safari
  Did you know CB Safari also makes our classic animal heads from birch and bamboo plywood? If you are concerned about the longevity of a cardboard product, then these options are the perfect solution. Our products are made from eco-friendly, and sustainably sourced NAUF, and CARB  certified Baltic birch and bamboo plywood. These products are designed to last for decades. 
  The intricate details of our products are highlighted by the natural color and grain of the wood, allowing for an even more visually stunning piece than cardboard. These durable materials are ideal for easy disassembly without fear of damage to the product, making them perfect for storage when not on display. 
  Just as with the cardboard animals, the wood products can be printed with solid colors, patterns, images, or logos. If you prefer the natural beauty of wood, both our birch and bamboo options can be stained to give the material a luxurious finish. They make for an eye-catching statement piece.
  Our birch and bamboo products resist wear and tear that can occur with cardboard due to environmental conditions and frequent reassembly. The wood options can be displayed for far longer, and when done being enjoyed are easily recycled. 

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